Can I Schedule a Plumbing Service and Still Maintain Social Distancing?

Can I Schedule a Plumbing Service and Still Maintain Social Distancing?

Many homeowners are wondering these days if they can schedule a plumbing service while still abiding by social distancing safety guidelines. The answer is unequivocally YES!

Our Efforts to Safely Perform Essential Plumbing Services Throughout Greater Victoria

We’re taking every necessary precaution very seriously as we ensure both the safety of our community and team of expert technicians. Throughout this page we’ll be discussing our safety precautions and crucial plumbing reminders to keep in mind while you’re spending more time at home.

And as always feel free to contact us to learn more about our safety measures and to schedule your next plumbing service that abides by social distancing!

It’s our top priority to ensure that you feel rest assured when one of our expert technicians comes to your home, which is why we’re taking the initiative to uphold the very highest standards throughout the entire Utah plumbing industry towards hygiene and cleanliness (including prior to, during, and after each of our visits).

Our team is firmly following each and every one of the CDC’s guidelines to halt the spread of the coronavirus, and these precautions include the following:

  • Utilizing an assortment of additional protective equipment
  • Maintaining our social distancing with our clients, and everywhere!
  • Increasing our hand-washing frequency and thoroughness
  • Increasing our overall use of hand sanitizer and other personal disinfectants
  • Utilizing disinfectants in an effort to more thoroughly ensure the overall cleanliness of touch points (vehicles, equipment, workspaces)
  • Increasing our device sanitation (clipboards and tablets)