Christmas Plumbing Tips

Christmas Plumbing Tips

   Getting ready for the holidays isn’t just about buying Christmas gifts, making your hair appointments, baking cookies and decorating your house. It’s the time to take stock of critical home issues, such as whether your toilet flappers are working properly. 

   You give your car regular maintenance; why not your plumbing? When our homes are filled with family and friends our kitchens and bathrooms are in use almost 24/7.  Call  Island Plumbing & Mechanical  before your company arrives!  A lot of things related to plumbing get neglected throughout the year. Slow drains, shower drains clogged with hair, slow sinks, toilets that run constantly and dripping faucets.

We will review your plumbing to make sure everything is in working order.   We will check the following items;

  1. Kitchen –  sink drainage, faucet, strainer, drain piping, disposal, ice maker, dishwasher
  2. Main Shut- off valve
  3. Bathrooms – drainage, faucets, toilets, tub/shower
  4. Water Heater – guests like hot water 
  5. Laundry Room – washing machine drainage, laundry tub/faucet

This is also a great time to update your kitchen and bathroom faucets with shiny new ones.  Also, check out your toilet, is it stained all the time even after you clean it?  We can recommend a few quality products.

Christmas is a time for making good  memories with your family and friends, not plumbing nightmares!

We are available 24/7 for all your emergency plumbing needs.  Call and leave a message and we will return your phone call.

Have a Merry Christmas from Roland at Island Plumbing & Mechanical.