How to Get the Most Out of Your Hot Water Heater

How to Get the Most Out of Your Hot Water Heater

With the weather cooling, you may be remembering last year’s cold showers and wondering how you can get the most out of your hot water heater this year. 

Turn it Down

If you have a hot water heater that’s still efficient and hasn’t been around since Noah built the Ark, one of the primary ways to keep it that way is to turn down the thermostat. Yes, that’s right! Turning down the temperature will help improve the longevity of your equipment, lower your water heating costs and prevent the build-up of minerals and corrosion inside the tank. And the only difference to your shower is that you’ll typically need to add a bit less cool water to make it perfect!

Inspect Regularly

There are few things you can do that are as beneficial as having a Toronto plumber inspect your entire water installation regularly. This helps you to identify any potential problems before they occur. Your plumber can also perform maintenance service on your hot water heater, check the valves and water inlet for any malfunction and ensure that you aren’t caught napping in the middle of winter with an icy-cold water supply.

Clean it Out

Everything needs cleaning, and hot water heaters are no exception. Flushing out your unit once every year or two is a good way to reduce the amount of sediment in the heater and prevent it from clogging the pipes and affecting the performance. Turn off the electricity to the heater or the gas switch to the pilot. Allow the heater to cool for a few hours so you aren’t trying to dispose of scalding hot water.

Closeout the cold water inlet and connect your garden hose to the tank’s drain valve. Open the pressure relief valve and allow the tank to drain completely through the hose into a safe disposal area such as your kitchen drain or garden. Open the cold water supply faucet and allow the tank to fill, then drain it again. This gets rid of most of the sediment in the tank.

Install a New One

You can’t get blood out of a rock, or in this case hot water out of a relic. If your hot water heater is old and energy suck, you might need to replace it before you can get better performance. Often, the financial and hydro savings make it worthwhile installing a new one, especially if something like a tankless hot water heater will work for your household. Make a list of the number of people who use the hot water, how often and how much (more or less) and get estimates from a Toronto plumber for the various options he can recommend.

Get the most out of your hot water heater this winter by scheduling your inspection before the holiday madness begins.