One of the less talked about toilets is a vacuum toilet. These toilets rely on a different type of system to flush. We’ll look at this type of toilet in more detail in this article.

Vacuum toilets are in one of the latest plumbing appliances that is revolutionizing the plumbing industry. These flush toilets use suction to remove feces and urine instead of gravity. In general, to install a vacuum toilet, you’re going to need a vacuum plumbing system. This type of system requires the same type of plumbing services and regular systems. The only difference is that the majority of the system is under a continuous vacuum.

Vacuum toilets operate the same way that traditional toilets do. They don’t look any different at all. In fact, you won’t even be able to tell a difference if you don’t know what to look for. When it comes to maintenance services and repairs, you also only need the same type of plumbing as traditional toilets should anything go wrong. You may, however, want to find a plumbing company that does specialize in working with vacuum plumbing systems.

These toilets are becoming more popular, as they do offer some great advantages that we’ll explore below.

ADVANTAGE #1: LARGE WATER SAVINGS Vacuum flush toilets can reduce potable water used by up to 80%. Each flush only uses about a half a gallon of water. This is a substantial difference from traditional toilet systems. You’ll see a huge difference in your water bills. In a way, vacuum toilets are able to pay for themselves through the reduced water usage. Although vacuum toilets are typically associated with larger upfront costs, the cost for regular use is much lower.

ADVANTAGE #2: REDUCED CLOG In comparison to traditional toilets, vacuum toilets usually experience fewer clogs. Vacuum toilets usually get rid of waste really quickly unlike conventional toilets. This greatly reduces the opportunities for clogs to form. So, although you should still get your plumbing inspected regularly, you’re likely going to need fewer plumbing services for vacuum toilets.

In addition, vacuum toilets usually result in very few deposits in the toilets. Due to this reason, many homeowners find that they use less detergent to clean the toilet basin. With that said, you need to be careful of what you toss into the toilet. Bulky materials, like sanitary napkins, can clog these toilets. It’s important to take care of these toilets, as plumbing services for them can cost a lot depending on the area that you live in.

ADVANTAGE #3: INCREASED HYGIENE In comparison to traditional gravity toilets, vacuum toilets are also considered more hygienic. The vacuum removal removes the risk of splashing. It also reduces the amount of bacteria that can spread from the toilet and become airborne.

On that note, you also notice that vacuum toilets typically are less smelly compared to traditional toilets. You’re going to more likely get an odor-free experience. You won’t need to use air fresheners in the washroom. You’ll also be able to get away from those embarrassing situations where you need to air out the washroom before letting the next person use it.

ADVANTAGE #4: EASY INSTALLATION Vacuum toilets are also very easy to install. All you need is a wall waste outlet connection. Usually, you’re not going to need to get any major construction done. On top of that, most plumbing services can complete the installation within a day, if not within a couple of hours.

These toilets can be installed in many different areas with ease. One of the benefits of vacuum toilets is that they are compatible with homes that have open architecture. You can install this type of toilet even if you have limited existing or available mechanical space. This is because the vacuum reduces the space that’s needed for waste piping.

The vacuum waste piping can also be routed over slabs and can be installed in areas with restrictive site issues, unstable soil, high water tables and more.

ADVANTAGE #5: ROBUST AND RELIABLE Vacuum toilets have a very long lifespan. Once you’ve installed one of these appliances, you’re basically good for life. On top of all of this, this could be a really good selling point for your home if you ever plan on putting it on the market. More and more homeowners are interested in environmentally-friendly appliances. They’ll also love that their water bills are so low.