Why the FLIR Camera is the Plumber`s Best Friend

Why the FLIR Camera is the Plumber`s Best Friend

Homeowners, if you believe you have a water leak or are experiencing a slow drain, call Island Plumbing & Mechanical.

We will use our Flir Imaging Camera to investigate the problem.

This is a very effective way to find problems because we don’t need to excavate your property. We are ready anytime to find hidden hotspots, energy waste, water damage, structural defects, plumbing clogs in pipes, sinks and toilets and many other plumbing issues.

We can easily identify blocked pipes, showing you the need for power flushing and other solutions. With this camera we can pinpoint the problem and carry out the essential work.

Reveals in great detail; problems relating to impending failure(s,) and existing and hidden issues.

Not only are we the plumbing leak detection professionals, but we can also find gas leaks! After we confirm there is a leak by carrying out a pressure test, we can then find the leak using our combustible gas sniffer!! Once we sniff the leak out we can safely carry out the repair so you can sleep at night knowing your house won’t blow up!!!!

It is absolutely important that if you ever smell gas, call Island  Plumbing and Mechanical immediately as this can have catastrophic consequences. Don’t put yourself or your family in danger and call us today.


Thermal Imaging

When we say thermal imaging you may think of something from a movie.  No ,we don’t use thermal imaging to find people, we use it to find leaks!! We use FLIR technology which enables us to trace the leak to the source. We are also able to carry out other tests in showers for example, where by using hot water we can determine whether you have a water proofing issue of a problem with the pipes. The camera along with our moisture meters can usually find an internal leak without leaving your walls full of holes.